Tuesday, 18 December 2012

CHRISTMAS TAG - New Zealand/Summer edition

What is your favourite thing(s) about Christmas?
Seeing family! I only get to see my cousins and aunt and uncle once a year at Christmas so it’s a really nice time to catch up. Especially because we used to live an hour’s drive from each other so it seems really weird not seeing them as much now that we are in wellington. But what I think makes it extra special is the fact that everyone is so happy and relaxed around christmas, for me that’s the best thing.

What is your favourite look for the festive season?
Pretty much like everything in New Zealand Christmas and the ‘looks’ it includes are pretty casual. Normally if there is anything festive going on it will be a BBQ or something similar so it’s just the usual summer dresses and denim shorts with a little extra red, gold and green.

Real tree or fake tree?
REAL TREE!!! We got ours just the other day and the car on the drive home smelt amazing, plus I get to relive that smell every time I walk in to the living room.

Giving presents or receiving presents?
I really like giving gifts, I always get one for everyone in my family (there is only 8 for Christmas so it’s not too hard) I also get a present for all my close friends, it’s not something that all my friends chose to do but I just like doing it. In saying that though who doesn’t like receiving a gift? The presents that I really appreciate are when you can really tell that the person has really thought about you when buying/making it.

Do you open your Christmas presents morning or evening?
In the morning – I am still such a little kid at heart; I wake up at 5.00am and open my stocking.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I don’t send Christmas cards! I don’t even give them with presents I use those sticky labels and write ‘TO: _________ with love Anna xoxox’. I always used to send one to my Great granny and they were hand made, and the ones I do send are made by hand – usually a painting I have done.

What is your favourite Christmas film?
I love Home Alone and Love Actually. They just get me in to the Christmas spirit and they are nice and light hearted. For a good five years when I was younger Home Alone was my all-time favourite movie.

What is your favourite Christmas food?
Traditionally Christmas food is seasonal for winter, being from New Zealand its summer during the festive season so naturally what we eat is a little different. I’m not trying to be a health freak but I really do enjoy salad at Christmas, it’s the time where vegetables are best and because it’s a special time of year you get all the added extras like feta cheese, pine nuts and home-made mayo which is 10000000 times better than the store bought stuff. I also love the Christmas berries I literally have them with breakfast lunch and dinner on Christmas day. This year my mum who has trained as a chef (you can imagine the kind of food we get) has made lemon and ginger ice cream which is heaven!

What do you want for Christmas?
For Christmas this year there isn’t really a main gift I want, last year I got my camera and most years there is something large I want but this year there is nothing that really stood out which is exciting! Because it means I can get several smaller things, when getting a big present you kind of have to forego the smaller possibly more exciting presents – the kind of thing you want but never buy yourself – like a new perfume or pair of shoes etc..

What do you do on Boxing Day?
On boxing day (the 26th of Dec) we normally go to the beach with the family or sunbathe in the garden at the farm depending on where we are. It’s usually a pretty laid back day, eating leftovers and enjoying the weather.

What is a typical Christmas day for you?
Wake up early and open my stocking with my cousins. Wait till about 8am for the adults to wake up. Sit around the tree and open presents as a family. Have breakfast: French toast, berries, coffee, juice, bacon etc... The rest of the day is spent on the deck in the sunshine then at about 3pm we have Christmas dinner: Ham, cold pea salad, green salad, new potatoes, followed by ice cream, meringues, Christmas pudding and berries. After dinner we normally go for a walk after eating too much and in the evening we might watch a Christmas movie or just sit around chatting. If we are at our summer batch for Christmas (every three years) The majority of the day is spent on the beach & swimming its honestly amazing – one year dolphins came right in to our bay, you could have touched them they were so close.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what Christmas is like during summer, it’s probably quite different compared to Christmas in the northern hemisphere!  I also just wanted to thank Albertine from Lovely Rose Petal blog for the Tag.



  1. I can't even fathom having Christmas in the summer! Thanks for doing this tag, it was really interesting to read about it :)


  2. Having Christmas in the summer is such a weird thought for me... I really can't even imagine!!



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