Friday, 14 December 2012


As far as I know there are only really a handful of New Zealand bloggers posting the same sort of thing that I do, perhaps I just haven’t come across them but its seems that not many people have because the amount of questions I get about living in New Zealand and what it’s like is unreal. Some of you may have noticed I disappeared for a few days, I headed up north to attend a funeral with my mum and on the way I managed to snap a few photos, they are nothing special I just thought some of you may be interested. All of the photos were taken either in Gisborne or on the main highway there, so all these photos are what you would typically see driving around the lower half of the north island.

Also, I just wanted to mention something really funny I saw on the internet the other day – can’t remember where, but someone from overseas was asking if we celebrate Christmas in New Zealand because its summer over here during December: Christmas isn’t about celebrating the weather? Personally I find it hilarious the assumptions people have about NZ, I also saw someone asking if we had the internet over here because apparently we are ‘behind the times’ and a fair few people think there are just a bunch of sheep and hobbits running riot down here, hopefully this can put your mind at ease and reassure you that it’s pretty typical here in NZ.



  1. Your photos are lovely! I used to spend every summer in Gisborne so it's lovely seeing something that I recognise xx

  2. Oooh such great photos! I love hearing about New Zealand...although I am very disappointed that they are no wayward hobbits running over hills. (;

    Greta xoxo

  3. The landscape is really beautiful, for me a British girl it looks like a cross between West coast America, Iceland, and Wales. I know. Weird. I think I'd be better of saying it's unique and beautiful in its own right! :D

    I really have to visit NZ someday.

  4. Hahahaha! I loved the last bit about some people thinking that New Zealanders don't have internet etc. My mum told me about some people she knew, who's parents were coming over to live in NZ thinking it would be all grass skirts and constantly speaking Maori. Anyway, long story short, they arrived and were so shocked with how modern NZ was! hehehe! x

  5. hahah the last bit made me laugh! But wow New Zealand is beautiful, I cannon't wait to come over next year

  6. You live in a beautiful country! I really hope I get to visit NZ one day. Soon, hopefully. And I have to say, the winter thing made me laugh. Living in the Southern Hemisphere myself.


  7. When i got to Germany someone at school asked me where NZ was haha. And whats more someone answered saying its just above Australia. I love our little country <3
    LOVE ROSE ps I miss you Anna! But in exactly 3 weeks we'll be back together walking to school!
    xxx tschuess Maedel

  8. we dream (with my boyfriend) to travel in NZ !!


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