Monday, 3 December 2012

WORTH A LOOK -millynonymous blog.

This post has been a long time coming! I emailed Emily some time back in the start of November asking if she would mind me doing a post on her. She was super lovely and said of course. Then I got caught up in exams and life in general.  Typical.

While I do have my favourite blogs that I religiously follow, I also really enjoy trawling through the internet, through the hundreds and hundreds of style blogs to find new and inspiration styles. That’s how I found Emily’s blog. At the time she only had a few followers and in just over a months’ time she is nearly up to 200 followers which isn’t a bad effort!

Personally what I really admire about Emily is the risks she takes with what she wears. It isn’t just the run of the mill disco pants and camo jacket.  I really like how her style is so individual yet still looks really on trend without looking like a fashion victim. Hats off to anyone who can manage to look super stylish without looking as if they tried too hard. If you’re in need of some new style inspiration Emily’s blog MILLYNONYMOUS is worth a look – highly recommended.  Till a couple of weeks back, MILLYNONYMOUS  was mainly made up of Emily’s OOTD’s but in  a recent post she mentioned expanding on her style of posts which I am personally really excited about so it will definitely be worth checking back in and having a look.

I am thinking of doing some more posts similar to this so let me know if you enjoyed and if you have any recommendations.  


  1. I love that first outfit! Gorgeous xo

  2. i didn't know her but she's got very cool style!

  3. she's got some great clothes! i love her overalls.


  4. love your last outfit ! you look amazing

    xx Liyana


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