Thursday, 31 January 2013


I love this outfit for summer, its so basic and comfortable and I think that that’s something I feels it really important to summer style. Also being by the beach so much the nautical theme of the t-shirt seems to fit in really well!

I am heading back to school tomorrow for my first official day of classes tomorrow! I am actually really excited. Its my final year of school and I am doing all the subjects I love – no awful math, English or science plus I no longer have o wear uniform!

Apart from I did have a disaster on course conformation day, for those of you who don’t know when I’m older I want to have a job in design. When I got to school and was my time table I noticed I was enrolled in the painting class not the design one. I went to see my dean and it turns out because of the other subject choices it just didn’t fit in with class times. Apparently it just want possible. Which was hugely surprising and kind of scary seeing as its what I want to study next year at uni. But thankfully my art teachers are willing to let me do design in a painting class that fits in with my time table, but it does mean  its going to be a lot harder for me and more time consuming meeting teachers outside of class time. So hopefully all goes well!

Hope your all well, Anna xx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

50 FACTS ABOUT ME TAG - Part one

Some of you may have seen on YouTube, the 50 random facts about me tag. I thought I would adapt it for blogging. Instead of doing 50, which is a lot of reading for one post I am going to break it in to two and do 25 random facts about me followed by another post with the following 25 which will ultimately make 50!

1 – Although I have fair skin and reddish hair,  I get relatively tan and don’t burn. (Note – sunburn is very common in NZ due to the hole in the ozone layer)
2- I love anything salt and vinegar.
3 – I am extremely stubborn: for example, at school today I was told I couldn’t take design due to time table clashes, I refused to take no for an answer and I am now doing design in a painting class.
4- I have only been overseas once.
5- I am a cat person.
6- The idea of eating sausage rolls or meat pies repulses me, after seeing news reports of a mouse tail being found in a pie I refuse to eat them – imagine biting into something and finding a rodents tail?! As a general rule of thumb, I like to be able to individually identify what I’m eating.
7- I adore candles.
8 – I hope to live by the sea when I’m older
9 – I am slightly addicted to watching you-tube.
10 –Recently I have become a little OCD with tidy-ness, I cant start something else until I have finished cleaning up what I had been doing previously. Which is turning out to be helpful in some ways!
11 – I’m a ‘glass is half full kind of person’.
12 – I AM THE WORLDS WORST SPELLER – just in case you haven’t noticed!
13 – Summer is my favorite season
14- I used to live in Christchurch but moved a few years before the earthquakes. It was a really awful time in February when the city was in ruins. I visited last September, Its barley recognisable. But I am really excited to see what it will be like when it’s re-built. The plans for  a new modern ‘smart’ city design looks really exciting!
15-. I am quite a good singer. Not amazing or anything, but I do enjoy it. Every year I say I am going to join the school choir. 4 years later still haven’t gotten round to it.
16- usually in winter I will have two hot chocolates a day, every day.
17- I like fishing.
18- I managed to fail physics three times – not bad if I do say so myself.
19- I literally spend half my life staying after school working on photography and art internals.
20- I am terrified of learning to drive.
21. Peppermints and chewing gum are my favorite sweet treat
22- I am obsessed with cardigans. I can’t resist buying them when I see them in opshops. It’s bad. I need an intervention.
23- I am a true New Zealander, and love rugby.
24 – on my right foot, the middle toe is tiny. I went to the doctor and apparently all the bones in that particular line (if you look at the x-ray of a foot, all the bones seem to form lines??) they just stopped growing.
25 – I am trying to grow my hair, usually I get bored while trying to do this and chop it off..

I hope you enjoyed this post ! On Youtube this is a tag, so I thought I would tag a few of you:

As well as anyone else who wants to do it! Feel free to post the link of your 50 fact blog post, i would love to read them. 
Anna xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

KIWI GIRLS - I have a deal for you.

I am going on a school design trip to sydney in july so i am starting to fund raise now. luckily for you ladies i am selling some of my clothes. I am doing this via trade-me, the NZ equivalent of of eBay. But this does mean I'm unsure if people overseas can buy from it? (let me know if you can!)

I am selling a mix of vintage cardigans, retro t-shirts and 'Junk food' short shorts. All starting for a price of $3.00. So help me out and get your self a bargain all in the name of education - what could be better?!

Anna xx

Link to the items i'm selling

Holiday snaps + A glimpse in to New Zealand

Finally here they are in all their glory - my holiday snaps! I was a little apprehensive about putting them up right when I got back because I was more keen on just getting back in to the usual routine. Sorry for the wait! These were taken on my holiday a few weeks ago to the Marlborough sounds (in NZ). If you want to know more about it I did a post with all the details and that kind of thing that you can see HERE. Basically annually we stay at out batch (NZ word for holiday home) with my family and I bring up a few friends as well. It’s a small but close knit community that can only be accessed by boat. The sounds as you will see in the photos are made up of islands and bays so it’s the perfect summer get away.

The whole purpose of the sounds is to go away and relax, while I really enjoy it, it probably wont make for the most interesting post – most of the time all I did was swim, lay on the beach, read and eat.. Its not really that grand compared to some bloggers holiday stories but I though I would share a couple of things that happened anyway!

In the middle of our time at the sounds I celebrated my 17th birthday which was nice – who doesn’t enjoy a good birthday? It started off with the first ever bay market where I sold a few painting and made a profit! The rest of the day went pretty hitch free until just before dinner when our neighbors came over and told us there was a fire. In the sounds a fire is pretty scary we are so isolated that a fire crew wouldn’t reach us for at least an hour in which time a fire can travel miles. After a solid hour of fire fighting it was all under control thankfully. There were about 20 of bucketing water up to the fire and at one stage it was 10m high in the air. It’s almost a miracle how lucky we were. If it had been at midnight we wouldn’t have stood a chance, as no one would have noticed till it was too late and on our doorstep. . or if the wind had been going the other way – again we wouldn’t have stood a chance as it would gone straight in to the dry bush. And as If that wasn’t enough later that night we had a power cut and a torrential down poor of rain - admittedly the rain was good for dampening the bush and fire danger.

My brother Hamish and my close friend India
Me and my brothers Friend Brad

 Its kind of pathetic but I am terrified of spiders. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, I can handle seeing a normal sized/small spider on the wall – that’s no big deal. If its on me though I would probably have a full on melt down. This makes me sound like such a sissy! Haha. As you can imagine, when I felt/saw this crawl down my leg I wasn’t exactly that pleased. After I managed to trap it – the only thing worse than seeing a giant spider is when it goes missing.. My mum even admitted it was quite large. So that’s saying something.

Well done if you made it to the end of this long and photo heavy post! If you have any questions let me know!
Anna xx

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