Wednesday, 30 January 2013

50 FACTS ABOUT ME TAG - Part one

Some of you may have seen on YouTube, the 50 random facts about me tag. I thought I would adapt it for blogging. Instead of doing 50, which is a lot of reading for one post I am going to break it in to two and do 25 random facts about me followed by another post with the following 25 which will ultimately make 50!

1 – Although I have fair skin and reddish hair,  I get relatively tan and don’t burn. (Note – sunburn is very common in NZ due to the hole in the ozone layer)
2- I love anything salt and vinegar.
3 – I am extremely stubborn: for example, at school today I was told I couldn’t take design due to time table clashes, I refused to take no for an answer and I am now doing design in a painting class.
4- I have only been overseas once.
5- I am a cat person.
6- The idea of eating sausage rolls or meat pies repulses me, after seeing news reports of a mouse tail being found in a pie I refuse to eat them – imagine biting into something and finding a rodents tail?! As a general rule of thumb, I like to be able to individually identify what I’m eating.
7- I adore candles.
8 – I hope to live by the sea when I’m older
9 – I am slightly addicted to watching you-tube.
10 –Recently I have become a little OCD with tidy-ness, I cant start something else until I have finished cleaning up what I had been doing previously. Which is turning out to be helpful in some ways!
11 – I’m a ‘glass is half full kind of person’.
12 – I AM THE WORLDS WORST SPELLER – just in case you haven’t noticed!
13 – Summer is my favorite season
14- I used to live in Christchurch but moved a few years before the earthquakes. It was a really awful time in February when the city was in ruins. I visited last September, Its barley recognisable. But I am really excited to see what it will be like when it’s re-built. The plans for  a new modern ‘smart’ city design looks really exciting!
15-. I am quite a good singer. Not amazing or anything, but I do enjoy it. Every year I say I am going to join the school choir. 4 years later still haven’t gotten round to it.
16- usually in winter I will have two hot chocolates a day, every day.
17- I like fishing.
18- I managed to fail physics three times – not bad if I do say so myself.
19- I literally spend half my life staying after school working on photography and art internals.
20- I am terrified of learning to drive.
21. Peppermints and chewing gum are my favorite sweet treat
22- I am obsessed with cardigans. I can’t resist buying them when I see them in opshops. It’s bad. I need an intervention.
23- I am a true New Zealander, and love rugby.
24 – on my right foot, the middle toe is tiny. I went to the doctor and apparently all the bones in that particular line (if you look at the x-ray of a foot, all the bones seem to form lines??) they just stopped growing.
25 – I am trying to grow my hair, usually I get bored while trying to do this and chop it off..

I hope you enjoyed this post ! On Youtube this is a tag, so I thought I would tag a few of you:

As well as anyone else who wants to do it! Feel free to post the link of your 50 fact blog post, i would love to read them. 
Anna xx


  1. Hello, just came across your blog and think its great, so following you now and this is a good way to find out more about you. I love singing to and used to sing with a group at uni but since leaving I haven't done it and really miss it. You should go and find a group/choir if you enjoy it. I really want to live by the sea too, you can't beat it.
    Lianne x

  2. I love reading the facts about you ^^ the list makes me know you more :)

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