Thursday, 31 January 2013


I love this outfit for summer, its so basic and comfortable and I think that that’s something I feels it really important to summer style. Also being by the beach so much the nautical theme of the t-shirt seems to fit in really well!

I am heading back to school tomorrow for my first official day of classes tomorrow! I am actually really excited. Its my final year of school and I am doing all the subjects I love – no awful math, English or science plus I no longer have o wear uniform!

Apart from I did have a disaster on course conformation day, for those of you who don’t know when I’m older I want to have a job in design. When I got to school and was my time table I noticed I was enrolled in the painting class not the design one. I went to see my dean and it turns out because of the other subject choices it just didn’t fit in with class times. Apparently it just want possible. Which was hugely surprising and kind of scary seeing as its what I want to study next year at uni. But thankfully my art teachers are willing to let me do design in a painting class that fits in with my time table, but it does mean  its going to be a lot harder for me and more time consuming meeting teachers outside of class time. So hopefully all goes well!

Hope your all well, Anna xx


  1. Good luck with your courses!! Sounds like things will all work out for you :)


  2. Good luck with this final year, I'm sure you will be great!!

  3. Love love love that shirt! Best wished with your classes! I always kinda wished I studied design!

  4. Aww good luck with all your courses, your do fine! Love the shoes!

  5. wahhh your top is so cute! love it!


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