Saturday, 26 January 2013


As most of you will probably be able to see I am the proud new owner of a mac book pro! Understandably I am a little excited. I know that there are mixed opinions about Apple and their products – team Jobs and team Gates, I personally have never had an opinion because this is my first time ever owning a laptop as well as my first time using a mac computer.

My parents bought this for me, and before you jump to the conclusion of spoilt brat I just want to quickly explain my situation to you. In New Zealand when you do your school exams its under the system of NCEA. Basically you do a mix of assessments through out the year as well as some exams at the end of the year. Everything you hand in and pass gives you credits (points). There are three types of credits – achieved, merit and excellence. Depending how many of each you get reflects in your mark at the end of the year. I passed level one and two with Excellence – top marks, equivalent to an A (I think?) As well as getting good marks two years in a row (just want to point out I am no genius, I just take mainly art subjects which is why I get good marks – I failed physics and dropped out of maths..) I also got top of my year in product and spatial design, as well as getting second in my year for photography. Partly receiving this macbook was to reward that because my Mum and Dad know how hard I worked on it all.

Its also because its nearly 100% certain I will be studying design in the future and Apple is best suited for me and what I want to do. Also, its an investment piece Mac tends to last longer than a PC because PC technology is ever changing and developing so quickly it can be hard to get repaired. Don’t mistakes this as me having a grumble – I am incredibly grateful, but I have never been overseas on holiday with my family, we don’t have the money for it and to us, it makes more sense to invest in this kind of thing and have a lovely holiday in New Zealand rather than spend a lot of money going overseas.

As for blogging this will make things so much easier!! I can do posts on the go, editing photos will be quicker as I don’t have to wait for someone to get of the family computer! Pure bliss! Although it is taking a bit of getting used to, while I am incredibly grateful, having been a PC user all my life changing to Mac is taking a little time! 


  1. Ahh! The lovely world of Macbooks! hahaha! I got my Macbook pro because of EXACTLY the same reason! I got Excellence Endorsed :) I also take mainly art subjects too and It's such a relief when you finally hand in all the folio boards etc. Hope you enjoy your mac!

    Albertine xx

  2. It won't take long for you to get used to it as I'm sure you will be constantly on it blogging and studying! You will fall in love with it again when you go to uni as they are perfect for lectures. You don't need to justify purchasing it.. I got mine simply because my old laptop would go flat before the end of a lecture! xx

  3. In hopefully getting a MacBook for going to uni next year! Cannot wait xo

  4. That is fantastic news, well done on all your success.

    That is totally awesome that you got a macbook.

    I'm in two minds which type of laptop I should get. I have been given lots of advice recently. The thing is a windows laptop will only last 3-4 years if it costs £300-£400, the more you pay the better it will last. People also rundown the battery life more quickly as they have it plugged in all the time. You only need the battery in when you go school with it or somewhere like a cafe. Also the problem with macs is that they stop you from downloading certain programs like illustrator and photoshop. They also start to charge for updates after about 4 years. Its like when windows asks you to update the system, but windows will always do that for free. There are pros and cons about macs and windows. But never let anyone tell you that apple works better than windows or that windows is difficult repair. Apple is brilliant in many ways but just so over priced when a windows laptop does exactly the same job. I have always wanted a mac but now I have doubts about it.

    1. Plus I was thinking if I got a windows laptop then I could always buy an ipad, then I have the best of both worlds.

  5. I love mac books, I really want one for when i start college because my laptop weighs about a ton! also they look really pretty :)

    Also I love your room!

    Rose xo

  6. Macbooks are just perfect!, especially this yours ♥

  7. I love EVERYTHING Apple related. I learned how to use a computer on a Mac when I was five or so. I inherited that from my father we're both big apple fans. I have to say, yes, they are more expensive but they are worth the money. Especially, if you're into design. You'll soon discover this and I hope you have a nice PC to MAC transition.

    This may be a bit geeky but if you need any help with MAC just let me know :) I'm happy to help.



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