Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It feels so good to be home. My cats were ridiculously happy and I haven’t been let out of their sight since. I thought I would hold the inevitable holiday post off a bit longer as I am enjoying being at home and getting back in to my old routine faaaaar too much.

Turns out I was right and two weeks away has made all the difference to my enthusiasm regarding blogging. Near the end of the year I just couldn’t really be bothered and posts were becoming a little lack lustre. That’s all about to change. I pretty much have ideas for new posts coming out my ears and I think I might have to invest in a new note book, who could resist?? As I am sitting here writing this, I have just decided that I am going to buy a note book and a diary (I already have a calendar) and my extremely late New Year resolution is to be more organised. Should be interesting to see how it all goes. I completely forgot about making a New Year resolution till now, not that they ever really last.

To ease myself back in to blogging I thought I would do a simple outfit post. This is what I wore just around the house and out to do a few errands. This possibly looks a little dressed up for a day at home but I was making the most of having full access to my wardrobe. Getting dressed this morning was actually exciting… I need to get out more.

TOP, SKIRT, CARDIGAN // from opshops.
SOCKS // The Warehouse

Sorry that this post is so rambley and strange I feel like I have so much to post on here and update but I am trying to limit myself and nit completely bombard you all!



  1. your cat is lovely! and I like your tee

  2. Yesss Anna you're back!! Missed your lovely outfits (but probably not as much as your cat) <3

    Greta xoxo


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