Monday, 28 January 2013

KIWI GIRLS - I have a deal for you.

I am going on a school design trip to sydney in july so i am starting to fund raise now. luckily for you ladies i am selling some of my clothes. I am doing this via trade-me, the NZ equivalent of of eBay. But this does mean I'm unsure if people overseas can buy from it? (let me know if you can!)

I am selling a mix of vintage cardigans, retro t-shirts and 'Junk food' short shorts. All starting for a price of $3.00. So help me out and get your self a bargain all in the name of education - what could be better?!

Anna xx

Link to the items i'm selling

1 comment:

  1. Have you been on 'Op shop it' or 'Walk in Wardrobe' on Facebook? They are for NZ girls and there are heaps of girls on it. You just post what your selling and people comment and then you organise payment/postage. No trade me fees! I've both bought and sold lots of things on walk in wardrobe. xx


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