Sunday, 27 January 2013



The two pieces in this outfit – the skirt and turtleneck are pretty much polar opposites, resulting in the name of this post. Typically turtle necks have been seen as more conservative and even a little frumpy – I personally really like them but I would definitely say they are an acquired taste! In complete contrast this skirt originally from Glassons that I picked up for $5.00 is on the shorter side of things – some might even say its skanky?? But together I think it works well and the to opposites cancel each other out and your left with a nice outfit. Although its probably a little too hot to wear this in New Zealand as its summer, but I can see it being perfect for early autumn!

Turtle neck // thrifted $4.00
Skirt // thrifted $5.00
Shoes // Glassons $50.00

I just want to quickly say hello and thank you to my new followers, it is exciting to be nearly at the 300 follower mark. It really does mean a lot!

Anna xx


  1. Turtlenecks are definitely an acquired taste, as you said, but I've been loving them quite a bit lately (maybe it's just the cold weather talking haha)!!


  2. I love turtle necks and I even managed to pick up a few sleeveless ones from the op shop so I can actually wear them in the Hawkes Bay heat! I love your shoes and the colour of your skirt is fab! xx


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