Wednesday, 23 January 2013


It suddenly occurred to me this morning that I haven’t posted a haul in so long! And that has absolutely nothing to do with me buying less. I don’t think that will ever happen? Some of you may think that while I was away, I was having holiday break and some time out from my blog – WRONG. I was shopping up a storm to show you all. How good of me, the things I do for you guys!

This is a mix of a few Items I bought before Christmas, some I bought in Picton when I was on my way back from my holiday but most of it is from an opshop trip today. And before you go accusing me of ‘buying hardly anything’ I have split up what I have bought so it’s not too over whelming. 

Today I picked up this really beautiful skirt for $5.00 from vinnies. It’s originally from Glassons, and from a relatively recent collection I think? Seeing this made me think of the girls from two buttons blog, they always get a lot of amazing stuff from Glassons. This colour is a bit of a change for me, I am very used to my muted colours but seeing as its summer I thought why not branch out with a pop of colour? (the photo makes it look like this skirt has ruffles but its actually a pleat design)

This skirt is a little bit more of a mission to style, just because it can have the tendency to make you look like a school girl – not in a good way! I picked this up 2 days before Christmas for $10.00. As some of you will know, I own a lot of printed skirts so I am trying to get more basics like this. 

This top was bought on the same day as the skirt and it’s pretty basic. I mainly bought it for the print which is made up of really simple navy flowers on a background. I got this for $8.00.

This was one of the purchases I made in Picton. I have worn this a few times since being home and it works really well for outfits with clashing prints because it’s the right mix between a bold stripe design but in really subdued colours  so it doesn’t over complicate the outfit. 

This is from today’s opshop trip and it’s a gold knit t-shirt made of 100% silk. It was on sale for $3.00 such a bargain! I have a t-shirt in a similar style buy grey and made of cotton so its nice to have a warmer tone version. Plus it has a really beautiful metallic sheen running through it. 

This is a really basic semi sheer navy blue singlet top. It also came from today’s trip to vinnies and cost $3.00. 

This is from Picton and cost $3.00. What drew me to I was the detail on the buttons and collar. It is a little too big for me but I think the collar would work well peeping out of a jersey?

Finally, this is one of the best finds I have made in a while. This stunning dress ticks all the boxes for me and my photography skills aren’t really doing it justice! It’s by a brand called MANGO? I haven’t heard of it but seem to be relatively well known? Let me know below if you know it. I love the pale peach colour and the lace/crochet detailing. I Don’t own any dresses like this, I find dresses so  hard to buy – I have a really strange body shape it turns out! Brace yourself, this cost $8.00. It’s crazy cheap and so pretty! 

Anna xx 


  1. I love that grey pleated skirk, I'm looking for one at the moment actually!

    lovely finds :)


  2. Yeah, I know mango - it's pretty well know. Great finds!

  3. The dress is so cute, great finds.

    Mango was a high street chain in the UK and maybe Europe too, it's more of a higher end chain though so $8 is a bargain.

    I'm suffering handbag envy too now :-)


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