Thursday, 24 January 2013


Some of you may recognise this from my last post. It’s the beautiful dress I picked up while opshopping yesterday for the crazy price of $8.00. I got so comments yesterday explaining that this dress by the brand MANGO, is probably from the UK – strange how it ended up over here?! Still I’m not complaining. I have been assured that $8.00 was a steal seeing as I have never heard of MANGO before.

I really love everything about this dress – the cut, colour and especially the lace detailing. I was a little worried that if I was seen from a distance in this I might look nude, but after trying it on again at home I realised it has just enough peach in it so it doesn’t have that effect. I am really surprised at the price of this dress, even for an opshop $8.00 seemed so little especially when I felt the quality of the dress – I almost felt bad seeing as it was a charity store. Then again it will totally encourage me to go back!

Have you guys made any great opshop/thrift purchases lately?!
Anna xx

P.s – click on my Instagram icon on the right hand side of my blog (near the top) If you want to see the AMAZING new pair of shoes I got today – YES! More shopping. Ops!! 


  1. It looks lovely :-)

    I picked up a vintage wooden high chair yesterday for $10 and am due in less than 6 days so I felt it was a "sign"

    I think it may get a splash of paint or a revarnish but it's so cute.

  2. god damn it you make me want to go op shopping so bad, we have crappy 'charity shops' over here nothing like i've heard you have over in NZ,
    oo mango's not that cheap so getting that for $8 is pretty mean!

  3. Mango is a UK brand, you're right! Kate Moss is the face of Mango and they're fairly priced for the lovely things they sell, but definitely a splurge maybe once or twice a year, rather than some place to pick up a new top for work. The jacket is gorgeous xxx

  4. that dress looks great on you! (:


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