Tuesday, 22 January 2013

THE GOOD OLD DAYS - when my toe fit in shoes.

This is an outfit from a few days ago, before my toe surgery – if you can even call it that. It’s possibly the most minor ‘surgery’ ever. Still it’s easier to refer to it like that rather than explain what the doctor actually did, which would take far too long. It suddenly occurred to me before I went to the doctor that I wouldn’t be able to do outfit posts as I can’t wear shoes, and it’s not really an outfit without shoes so I got in a couple of photos while I could. You will be glad to know this is probably the last post you will hear me blab on about my toe, today I got the bandage off, the wound is drying off and the infection should clear up in a few days. HORRAY!

In this I am wearing 100% opshopped clothing (all thrifted or second hand) After being away so much in places where its more appropriate to wear t-shirts, shorts and sandals I am making the most of having full access to my entire wardrobe!!

Anna xx


  1. So cute outfit, love it:-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you liked it.
    This outfit is lovely and the premise behind your blog is awesome! xxx


  3. I love this vintage look!!


  4. I really love this look, you pull it off really well! I haven't gone vintage clothes shopping in SO long, really inspiring!


  5. I've certainly done outfit posts without even showing my feet, mainly because I can't get my camera back far enough in my room!


    PS: Head over to my blog if you like floral crowns, vintage dresses, cats, thrifting, and adventures. Giveaway happening now!

  6. cute outfit! your room looks super cool too :) xx
    giveway on my blog by the way!

  7. Ooh I lovelovelove the mix of prints you've got going on there! They complement each other wonderfully without being overwhelming, and I always find that so hard to do! :)

  8. You look cute, I love the skirt!
    I know the toe stuff is gross, but I have a lot of infection problems too, any shoe that pinches my feet can trigger it! And it's really annoying because I like shoes so much.


  9. I am a shocking opshopper in all honesty, I can never find anything good, so I really love that you manage to find so many cool things! I love the top, the dainty print is so pretty!
    X Jane



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