Wednesday, 16 January 2013


My foot has a yellow patch thanks to the disinfectant - not a lack of washing!
CONFESSION TIME – I am a disgusting troll who had an ingrown toe nail that I had to have surgically removed. I neglected to tell you this because it’s really quite disgusting. However in my defence, it wasnt brought on by poor personal hygiene but by a ‘trauma to the toe’ as the doctor put it. In more realistic terms, I screwed up when cutting my toe nails and made a little cut which became infected and caused a big disgusting infected pile of rank-ness. In typical Anna style, I ignored it and hoped it would leave. It didn’t so I had to get it cut out today. Moral of the story – go to the doctor ASAP. 

I kept my word and so far I have stuck to my New Year resolution (One whole day! Go me!! ) Before becoming a part of the walking wounded I headed down to typo to buy a new note book in an attempt to become more organised. It’s an understatement to say that I like writing lists. Throughout the year at school I can get massively stressed with all my portfolios I have to complete and I find writing lists can make everything seem a little bit more manageable. Plus if it’s a pretty list, it just generally makes the world a better place.

 MY NEW PROJECT – Basically I am going to be re-decorating my walls. Some of you may know that I got a tiny bit obsessed with covering my walls in magazine clippings and I have had my walls this way for nearly a year. Some of its stating to fall down so I am thinking it’s time for a re-vamp. However I’m not really sure how to go about it? I still want to use a lot of what’s already on my walls but just arrange it in to a ways that’s easier for the eye to read. At the moment it’s pretty over whelming. If you have and ideas or ways that you have decorated your own room let me know in the comments, I am in need of inspiration! Also, links to room tour posts would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you’re feeling better than me and my sore toe!!
Anna xx


  1. Eek, I had a similar thing happen to my toe from running into a wall! Haha. Perhaps some mismatched vintage frames could help organise some of your favourites on your wall? xx

  2. Frame MASSIVE pictures of me and just totally cover every wall! Sweet sorted! sounds easy and beautiful, I'll take some stunners tonight! xxx

  3. Aw get well soon, I did the same thing once and was SO ashamed of my minging toe haha! xx

  4. I'm a massive fan of lists, it helps keep on track! I write lists all the time too x

  5. Oh no!! I hope your toe heals soon and that you are able to stick to your resolution; making enough lists now means you won't have to write them down in the future (after making physical lists for years your brain just ends up doing them on its own over time!)!! :)


  6. Ooh but your wall looks so amazing! I guess change is good though, I agree that you could try making or buying all kinds of unique frames. It could really add a lot to your room:)


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