Friday, 8 February 2013


Here is the second half of this tag, hope you enjoy :)

26- this year is my last year of school.
27 – I taught myself how to swim.
28 – through out summer and winter I only ever wear long pajama pants.
29 – I went skinny dipping at midnight with my best friend on my 16th birthday.
30- My best friends are: Rose, Roise, Paula, Zoe, Bri and Isla
31- I really admire people with the guts to dress how they want and develop their own personal style – anyone can follow a trend but to have your own style is a little more impressive in my opinion.
32- On the night of my 17th birthday I helped put out a bush fire.
33- I love where I live because the bus literally stops outside my house.
34- I don’t like to drink alcohol even though its really ‘cool’ to do so
35- I REALLY love swimming in the sea, but I hate swimming in chlorine pools
36- I have recently developed shoe addiction.. Its getting kind of serious
37- I prefer silver tone jewelry
38- My family and I are really close.
39- I prefer pinterst over tumblr.
40- I am such a scardy cat, I HATE horror movies but I will walk through town at midnight no problem.
41- this is really strange and I cannot understand or justify it but going to the movies makes me super anxious. When I buy my ticket and sit through the ads before the movies starts I feel really anxious but after that I am all good. WEIRD.
42- I like peas. Especially cold peas in a salad.
43 – I am looking forward to wearing winter scarves in a few months.
44 – A couple of years ago my friends and I raised $700 for world vision.
45- if I got a ginger kitten I would call it pumpkin.
46- I prefer dark chocolate
47 – I recently discovered I LOVE herbal tea, but I still cant’ stand traditional tea. It’s just yuck.
48- I really like stir-fry
49- I would love to visit the UK and Thailand
50 – coming up with these facts took FAAAAAAAR too long.


  1. Love these posts, so cool

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  2. you missed a best friend.... AWKWARD..................................JUST KIDDING! did i scare you?!?!?!

  3. lovely post and you look so beautiful!

  4. if i got a ginger cat i would call him wallace


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