Saturday, 2 February 2013


Revlon // Crimson // 095

Some of you may think I am dreadfully pathetic but…. I find wearing lipstick a little daunting. After a bit if experimentation and developing a make up addiction, nude colour lipsticks and subtle shades are now a welcome part of my make up routine. However anything dark and vampy or extremely bright is a bit intimidating.  I watch a lot of youtube and read so many blogs so I am constantly seeing beautiful lipsticks and I wish I was brave enough to wear them.

As I mentioned I have an ever growing addiction to make up. When I saw this Revlon lipstick on sale for $10.00 I couldn’t resist.  I love this lipstick. While I am still yet  to get up the guts to wear it out of the house, its formula is so good. Very very pigmented, moisturizing and nourishing. I also really like that is a relatively dark red with more purple undertones than orange so it will work well for the up coming winter.

What’s your best / go to red lipstick?



  1. That makes me want to cry that $10 was a sale price for this lipstick T__T New Zealand really jacks up the prices of makeup!! But it looks lovely on you either way :)


  2. I was like this at first but I found out that if you apply strong bright colours with a small makeup brush (I think I used an eyeshadow one) It makes it look so much more subtle and so much less overwhelming! For me I quite like red/corally colours ♥


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