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Some might say who am I to be giving out blogging advice? I only have a couple of hundred followers and I haven’t even been blogging for a year. This is simply a post to help out any newbies or people who have a handful of follower and what to grow their blog. When I first started I found this kind of post incredibly helpful and hopefully you guys will too! Plus it’s just interesting in general to see how other people go about blogging.

  •  Choose a name/title for your blog that’s short and sweet but to the point. Make sure it reflects the content of your blog in someway even if its subtle - don’t call it ‘BLOG OF HORROR’ if you plan on showing your latest make up purchases!! But also try to be original!
  • Pick a type of content for your blog – fashion and beauty, design and photography, inspiration, health etc..
  •  Consider what your point of difference will be. There are millions of blog, especially fashion and beauty – what makes your any different or worth reading? For example my blog is about my personal style but it mainly focuses on opshopping, which makes it different to most blogs.
  •  Decide how much information you want to put on the internet – If your blog does become successful or you even get a couple of thousand followers you can meet some unpleasant people.
  •  MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE ‘FOLLOWERS’ WIDGET. For the first month I had no idea why I couldn’t get even one follower – turns out its not a built in feature… whops!
  •  Get used to the fact eventually your friends and family will find out about your blog. My friends were ultra supportive when I told them, but my family did laugh at first but now they are really proud!

  •  Use social media to your advantage! I really recommend intsagram. Personally I’m not in to twitter but I know it works for a lot of people. Basically the more social media you use, the more places you have for people to find the link to your blog.
  • Make blog friends – this can take a while but just check up on peoples blogs regularly and leave them comments before you know it you start to develop a friendship through the comments. Also collaborating on posts can help you to make buddies!!
  •  COMMENT, this is probably THE best way to get followers. Effectively every blog you leave a comment on is leaving a link back to your blog for people to find. This doe NOT mean you should spam bloggers. ‘ PLEASE FOLLOW ME I’M NEW!’ this is an instant turn off! Trust me. I delete comments like this. Many blogger including myself find them rude and annoying. Read the post and leave a kind and thought out comment.
  •  Turn off comment authorization (?) not sure what its called but it’s the thing that pops up saying “ what numbers / letters do you see?? ” (email me if you need help doing this!)

  •  In my opinion one of THE most important aspects of your blog design/layout is the title. It’s the first thing people see. I made mine on picmonkey. its REALLY EASY but looks effective. Then in settings you just select ‘use photo as title’.
  • Work with a limited colour scheme – maybe 4 colors tops? Mines are grey, peach, dark dark orange and white.
  • Use LARGE high quality photos – this does not mean go out and by a DSLR camera. Just take photos in good light, don’t use out of focus images or ones that are too light/dark.
  •  When selecting a background either choose an image that fits the whole background or one that can be seamlessly repeated. It looks tacky when you can see its tiny image repeated 1000 times. Also you don’t want it to compete with your blogs content – keep it simple!
  •  Try not to use the premade templates – you don’t have to edit the scary HTML code (I didn’t!!) just play around with colours and fonts etc…

  • Be careful whom you accept promotional material from. I have been approached a couple of times by business to review a product and there is nothing wrong with that but I declined (politely!) because they had little relevance to my blog or style. I didn’t want to put something on my blog that I didn’t whole hearted love just because it was free.
  • The more people looking at your blog the more likely it is you will get hate. You just have to ignore it and delete it. But do NOT comment back! More often and not readers of your blog will tell the person to stop but you really don’t want to encourage anything like that on your blog.

This turned out to be so long! Hopefully it helps, Anna xx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks ! I cant believe how long it got!

  2. I love you, please write a book.
    I really respect you for (politely) turning down products to review as it really does take guts and just shows you are blogging for all the right reasons. ♥

    1. Yeah its something I feel really strongly about! I will only put reviews on my blog about products i whole heartedly love.
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Love this post! I have been blogging for a while but It is very difficult to keep posting. I like that you recommended removing the comments authorization box aka captcha, I really hate those things... Sometimes when I am commenting on a blog I usually give up and end up not commenting just to avoid them.


    1. I completely agree! They are so annoying!!
      thank you :)

  4. Can I just say,your blog is one of my new favourites!


    1. Thank you, thats really kind!

  5. This was real helpful! Thanks heaps!


    1. No problem! Good luck with your blog :)


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