Saturday, 9 February 2013


What girl in her right mind can resist glitter? I will admit I probably could when these shoes had a price tag of $129.00, but when Shoe Connection had their January sales and these plummeted down to $20.00 its would have been a stupid not to get them. Luckily for me my size was the last left in the store and I had a fair bit of encouragement from my Best Friend Paula (Hi!).

In typical flat-form style the chunky sole of the shoe is made from synthetic materials (not really sure how to describe it?) but the rest of the shoe is leather and being form shoe connection I would assume they are well made. Although I am a little bit nervous the glitter will start to come off as I wear them more?  If you have any ideas on how to prevent this let me know!

Typically glitter is quite an extravagant and almost tacky material but I personally think in these shoes is works well because the gold has bronze tints in it and the style of the shoe is pretty basic. So it counteracts the potential for tacky-ness (hopefully!)  I am so excited to wear these but I  really hate breaking in shoes as I usually get blisters – I am such a pussy!



  1. They're beautiful! :)

  2. How funny, I just bought some glitter shoes too! I love these ones!!


    PS: Stop by my blog if you like cat dresses, floral crowns, vintage trinkets, and thrifting. Just did an outfit post with a crochet bow!

  3. I'm in love with your shoes, they are soo gorgeous!!

  4. I love these! I've been wanting some for ageeeeees but I guess I might have to make them...


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