Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SAVING... and this happened.

This post makes me slightly sad..  a) I was supposed to be saving when this rather large and accidental purchase went down and b) I am starting to stock up my wardrobe for winter. I am honestly going to miss summer so much!!

$3.00 - i love the detailing around the neckline.

$5.00 - A velvet shirt with sheer flower cutouts.

$10 - Burgundy cardigan

$5.00 - slightly tacky t-shirt .. but who could resist ?!

$7 - woollen coat/cardigan. The detailing looks much nicer in real life!

$5 - silver shirt, if i ever have to dress up as a astronaut i a sorted!

Anna xx


  1. I love the floral velvet shirt! I can imagine it looking lovely as a dress xx

  2. I love what you bought. And even if you say it's a bit tacky... I get the feeling of the i <3 NY T-shit. I'm full of those. I usually crop/distress them a little bit.


  3. Well if it makes you feel better, the accidental purchases were worth it! Love that coat/cardigan xx

  4. This is always the way! :)
    You got some gorgeous bits though, and think how much cheaper they are than if you bought from Topshop or somewhere!

  5. I love the NY shirt, so fun!


    PS: Stop by my blog if you like polka dots, cat print dresses, thrifting, floral crowns, and lace! Plus, I have a giveaway coming soon!

  6. Those clothes all look so awesome! We must meet one day and go op shopping. I can never find many things when I go! haha! I need your expertise!!

    Albertine xx


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