Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Yesterday my school held their annual athletics day. As many of you will be well aware, all girls’ schools and sports days don’t usually mix. A lot of people suddenly feel ill and can’t come to school. Funny how that happens. My school has realized this and pretty much turned athletics day in to a huge dress up party. I have always been keen on a bit of dressing up, four years in a row my fiends and I have gone hard and made our own costumes, one year we even won best dressed in the school. 

However its not just about the dressing up, its not even about the athletics its more about the house spirit. I’m not sure if it’s an international thing but just like in harry potter students are divided up in to groups and you compete for the house cup. It might sound lame to some of you but it really does get people to bond, its surprising how competitive us ladies can get when a house cup is involved. By the end of the day most of us had nearly lost our voice from going hard in the chant competition.

Being the oldest in the school really made this year much more sentimental for me and the rest of the year 13’s. We were lucky that we had such great weather! My house theme for this year was ‘the lion king’ so I dressed up as the circle of life and painted that scene of the movie of my costume. My friends in purple went as magenta from the rocky horror picture shoe as that was their theme.

Does your school do anything similar??

Anna x


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