Monday, 18 February 2013


I only own four lipsticks yet I still manage to forget about some of them. I purchased this Revlon lipstick bit before Christmas and its sat neglected on my dresser. Till last weekend. I have become so used to wearing my trusty nude lipstick that I didn’t bother trying out different colours. It just became my regular routine to always reach for the same lip product – why fix what isn’t broken?

This is such a lovely creamy formula lipstick and the shade is really pretty, its vibrant enough to add colour to an outfit and brighten your face but is still easily wearable. Not that I have tried many lipsticks, but in my opinion this is highly pigmented and really nourishing. However, I’m not really a fan of the packaging. I like my lipsticks to look just as pretty in the packaging as they do in my face.

Anna xx


  1. Great review, the colour really suits you! I find it really hard to find lipstick in a nice subtle colour, might try this =) xx

  2. gorgeous colour! its a nice pop of colour but very subtle - love it!xxx

  3. what shade is it - its so nice! x

  4. That colour is gorgeous, looks very easy to wear! What colour is it? :) x


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