Sunday, 24 February 2013


As much as i hate to admit it - i really am starting to stock up on more winter items. When I saw this in Salvos i couldn't resist. But now i kinda wish i had, typical Anna didn't look at the price tag. it was $6.00?? normally scarves are about $4.00. That aside I love the deep red, silver and gold colour pallet.

This shirt fully makes up for the price of the scarf it was only$2.50 in a half price sale. Its a mens shirt but that doesn't bother me. I LOVE the colour its Deep orange/ rust colour with a hot pink sheen. Sounds awful but looks amazing. However i don't know any men who would want to wear it? Perhaps thats why its in the salvation army?

I love maybelline express finnish nail polishes.In fact I love any nail polish that drys quickly - waiting for my nails to dry kills me! With out fail I always bump them or chip them. In the photo the colour is coming across as very nude but in reality its got a real pink tinge to it. Its weird that i like this colour so much because usually i HATE pink but this one is really nice - its called 'Pink Glimpse' And has a really beautiful cool tone blue/while metallic sheen to it. Plus the formula lasts for ages with out chipping. Which is perfect because the other thing  hate doing is removing nail polish !  

And finally, I wanted to show you guys this sweet little necklace I re-found in my collection. Its really cute and dainty. I really like how it breaks the 'no gold and silver together' rule. Although the gold look yellow in this photo?

Hope your enjoying your weekend. Anna


  1. I really love the blouse! It's beautiful :)
    have a nice sunday

  2. That blouse is pretty rad! x

  3. love the colors! I also did my nails a similar color :)


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