Saturday, 2 February 2013

SCHOOL BAG - Pretty not Geeky

As most of you will know, I am the proud new owner of a laptop. You might also know that I started back at school a couple of days ago, obviously I thought that having a laptop would be handy for my work and I might take it in to school if I had something due, or if I was doing a research project. But no, apparently my school thought it would be nice to enroll more girls that we can actually fit so I have to bring in my lap top every day because we no longer have enough computers for a class.

This means, of course I had to buy a bigger school bag. One that could fit my laptop and books. I found this lovely bag in the ‘cats protection league’ opshop. I picked it up for 3.00 which is stupidly cheap. Plus it came with this little case in it – that I am using as a sunglasses case.

Some people might think the pattern of this is nana-ish but I really like it. Its also the perfect shape for a school bag as it has a gusset so all my crap will fit in it. I know that for some having the typical back-pack is better for your needs but seeing as I no longer wear uniform to school it feels weird to keep wearing a back pack. I don’t know, maybe its just me but I think it looks weird to dress normally and then chuck on a school back-pack?



  1. What a great schoolbag!! And lucky it was so cheap and even came with the matching little case :)


  2. That bag and glasses is not granny at all they are so lovely, it will always be in the fashion. Your bag ROCKS!!!

  3. Great post! Love the way that you take your photos ;*

  4. I love it! How can you not purchase something when it comes with a matching case?! xx


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