Sunday, 10 February 2013


At my school in your final year you no longer have to wear uniform, as you can imagine being a bit of a clothing fanatic this was quite appealing for me. However some girls at school were reluctant to see the uniform go – no one judging what you wear, the fact you didn’t have to coordinate an outfit or stress over the fact you ‘Have nothing to wear!!!’  But now that we are coming to the start of a our second week its pretty obvious that no one would ever dream of going back to the uncomfortable and unflattering Teal uniforms. Among all the positives of not being in uniform such as being much more comfortable at school and getting respect from the juniors I am also now finding lots more ways to wear the clothes I already have, which also means more styling ideas for you guys in my outfit posts.

For me this is a typical school day outfit. At the moment with the weather being so hot I cant imagine not wearing a skirt or dress  - I would most likely die of heat exhaustion. Casual baggy t-shirts and slouchy cardigans are also a staple as I can’t think of anything more comfortable to wear while being lectured about the meaning of art and what is art???? Flats are the standard shoes I wear because I haven’t had the guts to try and hobble down the hill I live on to school in my flat-form sandals -Safety before fashion.

Hope your all well, Anna.

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