Sunday, 17 February 2013

THE CLASSICS - outfit.

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday? This is a pretty generic weekend outfit for going round the house in – highwaisted shorts and an over sized sweater. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes but come Sunday I really can’t be bothered do get all dressed up, so I pull out al the over sized clothing I own and attempt town it all at once.

In my humble opinion every wardrobe needs a good pair of short and a huge cuddly snugly jumper. My shorts were originally awful mum jeans that I got from the opshop and cut up, the sweater I picked out for my brother Hamish but then decided that I actually quite liked it so I kept is. I’m such a giver.

Hope your weekends going well, Anna. 


  1. perfect sweater with perfect shorts!

  2. Love your short !

  3. Love your shorts and the sweater <3
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  4. Love comfy Sunday outfits! I think everyone needs a chunky sweater too, and I love the pairing with DIY cut-offs. x

  5. love the jumper! and the outfit looks super cozy :D ♥

  6. Ahhh, those shorts are perfect! And it's so funny Sundays are usually the days I love to dress up extra special, hah! And I LOVE that those were pants, they look perfect as shorts!

  7. Your wardrobe looks awesome! I am jealous!!

    Sarah :)

  8. nice sweater! :*


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