Friday, 22 March 2013


For those of you who thrift/opshop/charity store shop you will know what I mean when I say you have your good and bad days. But I suppose you get that where ever you shop? Last Saturday was one of those lovely times where you walk in to a shop and you instantly find several things you love.  If you saw my haul post from a couple of days ago you will recognize this white jersey. I am so in love with this. It gives a really nice boho relaxed look to an outfit. As for as how I dress, I’m really not in to colour coordination, fitted blazers and crisp shirts etc.. I prefer things a little more ‘shabby chic’ so this really appealed to me plus it was only $4.00 which is crazy!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have literally been doing my design work 24/7. If you have ever studied art you will know how opinionated art teachers can be, I guess its human nature and different people will see beauty or potential in different things. At the moment I am working on some typography designs. I am teaching myself design this year because of course timetable issues. This means I have a weekly meeting with my teacher when I showed her my work she told me I could do better, and that she didn’t think I had gone with my best idea. Obviously this was a little disheartening and piled on the stress as I had to re-work everything but now I think I have a really good idea for a design – I just need to finalise it all! Any way that’s what I have been up to, and hopefully normal blogging will carry on from now!

Anna xx


  1. I love this outfit! Especially the shoes!
    I've been looking back through your blog and i've really been loving it!


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