Tuesday, 12 March 2013


This past weekend I went away with my family for the night and while I was away I managed to get some quick OOTD shots. Although I have to admit they aren’t the best! We were staying on a farm in the most beautiful house – On a slightly random note how amazing is this mirror?!

This is such a simple outfit but lets be honest when you’re on a farm with your family who is there to impress? These shorts are a weekend staple for me, well at least they have been over the summer but I feel that soon I will have to transition in to jeans.. Although I am looking forward to wearing scarves and chunky knits but that excitement never lasts long when the constant wind and rain fully settles in.

Hope your all well, Anna xx

Hoodies – Warehouse // t-shirt – opshop // shorts DIY // shoes – Opshop.


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