Saturday, 9 March 2013


 India and I in the center 
Looking  a tad over excited..

As some of you may know, this Friday night I went to my first ever concert. It wasn’t just any concert though – it was an Ed Sheeran concert. I have had the chance to go to concerts before but never to see an artist I really liked and I didn’t really want my first ever concert memory to be of some band I only kind of liked?  It was also a particularly special because my really close friend India came up from Christchurch so we could go together. She is the friend I have known the longest (7 years) and now that we live in different cities we try to make a point of doing things like this together.

The main response I got when I told people I was going to an Ed Sheeran concert was ‘oh.. its not really concert music?’ And I will agree, its not really, there are a few tracks that you could classify as ‘concert music’ but in general his music is more emotional (?) and less ‘party starting’ music. BUT, it was such a good concert. In the set there were a few songs (small bump and kiss me) that the audience were asked to be a bit quiet for – but no one minded because it sounded so amazing and it would have been weird to listen to those songs while going crazy in the mosh pit. The rest of the songs had the tempo sped up so it was ‘concert music’ and you could go nuts in the mosh pit and scream until you lost your voice.

One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that because Ed sheerans music is aimed at more of a specific audience there were no ‘tweens’ there – the kind of 13/14 year olds who love One Direction and just go to concerts because it’s the “cool” thing to do. This also meant that there was a genuine appreciation for the music and every one knew the lyrics etc.. It just made for a really good experience.

I would highly recommend seeing Ed Sheeran live, it’s amazing. When he was trying to get in to music business he would perform in bars and at peoples house parties etc.. because of that he has now done something like more than 300 live performances so its kind of an understatement to say he’s good at what he does. He’s genuinely really funny and good at including the audience. Also at one point he sung a couple of lines without a microphone and it was really weird (in a good way!) you could still hear him through out the arena - It was just one of those moments when you can really appreciate just how talented someone is.

The opening acts – Passenger and Gabriella Aplin were  also SO amazing. I will be honest I had no idea who they were before they concert but I am now buying their music so I think that just goes to show good they were.

Have you seen any on the artists I mention above live? What did you think?

Anna xx


  1. I SAW ED TOO! the other week in brisbane, he was AMAZING! i really can't describe it but i'm sure you would understand. it was raining at the one i went to and it was outdoors, but still an incredible night none the less. i loved it ,definitely in my top concerts! glad you had fun too x

    1. I completely get what you mean! Its really hard to explain just how good it was!

  2. I saw him last year, he was incredible! He made me cry when he sang Small Bump, you could really feel his emotions. He is just an amazing person, I love him! :)

    1. Its such a sad/beautiful song - you really get the impression he cares about what he is doing not just the money he's making and all the materialistic stuff that goes with being famous.



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