Saturday, 16 March 2013

OPSHOP FINDS - black and white

$4.00 (NZ)

$3.00 (NZ)

$4.00 (NZ)

This afternoon I quickly popped out to buy a mint kit-kat - I am a sucker for adverting. I really am I see something on TV and I must buy it, but only with food – they can advertise heat pumps and shampoo as much as they like it has no effect on me. A new kind of ice cream or flavor of chocolate on the other hand I MUST try.  But in typical Anna style I arrived home with this and not kit-kat. I plan on buying one tomorrow during lunch – you have to have something to look forward to on a Monday!

In all honesty though, this didn’t really do much damage to the back account. The total for all three pieces was $11.00 (NZ$ so 5 pounds??). It was just one of those days where everything I picked up off the rack in the store I really liked. Luckily for me the cats protection league has very modest prices!

As you can probably tell I am really in to crochet, lace and stitched detailing at the moment.  I love the white jersey – its probably more spring/summer appropriate seeing as its such a loose knit, but I love the boho vibe it gives an outfit and its ultra comfy so there is no doubt I will get a lot of wear from it !

Hope your weekends going well, Anna xx


  1. Wow you got some serious bargains there, I love the black lace!

    Sharon x

  2. so many bargains, shops here in oz are always so ridiculously expensive for second hand!


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