Sunday, 31 March 2013


For a while, I was so good at not spending. I have a certain amount of money in my bank account that I don’t want to go under. There isn’t a particular reason for this, its just nice to have that reassurance that I have that money of I need it. However, after being so good with my money In the past couple of weeks I have cracked and gone on multiple shopping trips. But its no big deal, I managed to pick up 5 items for a grand total of $10.00, so I’m not really doing too badly?

Today in an attempt to avoid a art history essay I have to write I headed in to town with my mum and dad to do a quick bit of shopping, I ended up finding some really lovely sandals that you will see a post on tomorrow I think? They are sooooo amazing, if you want to see them there is a photo on my Instagram.

On Saturday I went opshopping with my mum, which was really cute. Normally she's not that in to shopping - she likes clothes but can't be bothered to go in to shops and find them. Which to me seems beyond weird. I pretty much live for clothes and shopping! Anyway, we had probably spent half an hour in this one opshop (that’s quite a while considering its size) and I hadn’t found a single thing – which for me is really weird? I was in this really weird part of the shop where everything was in boxes and suitcases when found this beautiful little bag, which was only $2.00. I am completely in love with every part of it – the shape, the colour and especially the tapestry fabric. It’s just so unique and pretty. This is my best find of the whole trip.

 I got this deep red, almost burgundy colour hoodie for $4.00. What really drew me to this was the fact its velvet. With winter on its way this will be perfect for layering and adding texture to an outfit. I can’t wait to wear it. Although, it does really remind me of mean girls and their tracksuit outfits!

 Next I picked up this really pretty pale blue cardigan for $2.00. I already have sooooo many cardigans, but hardly of them are pale? So I felt I could justify this, especially when it was so cheap - a bottle of coke costs more than this did!

 For the longest time I have been searching for a jacket that is slouchy but fits. Usually when I go in to opshops there are a million jackets, all of them that fit on to the ‘oversize slouchy’ style category. But if the jacket doesn’t fit you in the shoulders or in the arms it just swamps your body shape. Finally I found this jacket and it’s the perfect fit and colour. This was $8.00

 This is a bit of a weird purchase.. it kind of looks like something your grandmother would have worn a million years ago when she was a child? But what I plan to do is make it shorter – I’m not sure if you can tell but someone had added the bit to the top of the skirt, I can tell this because its two different colours of material. I couldn’t leave this behind though because the hem of the skirt is so pretty and it was only $3.00.

No, I didn’t put the same photo in twice. I got a second blue cardigan that’s practically the same as the other. Why? Because this one was free!! Usually I don’t bother looking through the bins of free clothes outside opshops, its normally  just the crap stuff that no one would buy, but I proved that wrong because this is a really lovely cardigan. And it’s a slightly different shade of blue to the other one... kinda

And last, but not least I picked up this skirt for $2.00. I have tried and tried to wear midi skirts but I just can’t do it. I find them really unflattering (on me) as they cut me off right on the widest point of my shin, which makes my legs look nasty. I wish I could wear midi skirts – some people make them look sooooo good. I will also be doing a bit of a DIY on this skirt to make it a more flattering length.

Hope you’re all well and are enjoying your Easter break!


  1. Amazing finds, I love the blazer :)


  2. Thanks for your lovely comment - SO glad I've found your blog again, I used to follow it but then deleted my old blog :) love that grey coat! x

  3. Some gorgeous pieces, I love the bag so cute! x

  4. such great finds, i love that checked skirt! x


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