Tuesday, 5 March 2013


 I have said it once and I will say it again – You can never have too many shoes. Is there even such a thing as ‘too many shoes’?? With the change in seasons it means I now have a semi legitimate excuse to purchase a few more pairs.  Here are a few things I have been lusting over:
I am so in love with the cut out heel in these shoes. So much so I considered buying them for my school ball. That’s how much I like them. Although they only come in teal or orange, if you ask me that’s a really strange colour selection? But I don’t mind the teal ones so that’s not really an issue. The only thing is they are cheap - $16 American dollars. Trust me I am all for a bargain but I am just worried they might look a little cheap when they arrive – The troubles of online shopping huh! 
Seeing as its coming in to winter over here in New Zealand I thought I should invest in some new winter boots . I thought what better than these $120.00 leather boots form ASOS? Them I remembered I am a poor student saving to go to Sydney. I lusted after these boots for so long and when they were in the sale I couldn’t resist: A flat-from sole, leather and only $48.00 – how could I resist? Hopefully they arrive in the next few days. But I will admit, I am nervous they wont fit/ they will be too chunky? Online shopping can be so stressful!

And finally, yes I know these aren’t shoes but I really want these tights! Good old ASOS. I could do some serious damage to my bank accounts with all the lovely tights and socks they have!

Hope your all well; Let me know what you think of the shoes and tights!


  1. love all of them!x


  2. Love them all too! :)
    Especially the first two!

  3. WOAAAH!!!! Those heels?! AMAZING. I can't believe they're only 16 dollars!! That does seem ridiculously cheap! What brand are they? Anyways, The last two are so so cute, too!

    And it's so strange that as winter is coming to an end here, it's starting there! Oh what a big earth!


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