Saturday, 23 March 2013


I’m not sure if this is just a cliché teenage phase, but I think I want a tattoo? Its not something I want to rush in to – I don’t think its even legal for me to get a tattoo yet? Personally I don’t really understand why people get tattoos just for the sake of it? For me I would want a tattoo to have some form of meaning. I would also love to be able to design my own tattoo, I think that would be amazing and kind of sentimental?

I know a lot of people wont understand the need to get a tattoo. For me personally I would see a tattoo an extension of my personality and myself. Just like the way your clothes reflect who you are a tattoo is the same. I also think that being an aspiring designer and a creative person in general it makes sense to want to have something I have made/designed permanently with me reminding me of what ever message I decide it should have.

At this stage I have no idea where or what I would get done. I think I want it to be quite small and minimalistic. I prefer black tattoo but there are some really beautiful colour ones.. SO much indecision! The other thing is how hard is it going to be to pick a tattoo/design a tattoo that will be timeless, is it even possible? Most tattoos date so fast or are regretted as soon as you hot your thirties.

I would LOVE for your feed back on this and your own personal tattoo stories.
Anna xx

** Just want to point out, I wont be getting a tattoo anytime soon, I really am going to think it through and do my research first! **


  1. Honestly I wouldn't get a tattoo at the age you are now (in the UK where I live it would definitely be illegal too).

    Although I wanted a tattoo when I was a teenager it was actually quite a few years before I took the plunge and got one. Even then I rushed the decision a bit and ended up getting that first tattoo covered up last year.

    At your age I'd just say wait it out, research artists, work out what you want and wait and see if you still love what you've chosen a couple of years down the line.

    Hope that helps :-)

  2. I'm only 20 and have already had two of my previous tattoos covered up! saying that i looove tattoos and think of them as art work, so when you decide what you do want (which can take a while!) make sure you go to someone who has a great portfolio and a real talent for tattooing.

    Tattoos are a big trend at the moment which could potentially dye out.. however as they are permanent I think they will only get more and more popular, quite like leggings haha.. they came back with a bang and stayed!

  3. the second and the last tatoo are the best ;D


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