Wednesday, 27 March 2013


**First off I just want to say this I don’t want to be one of those girls who uses their blog to have a bitch and a cry about some one or something. I also want to say that I really appreciate my design teacher and her opinion  - I’m just not sure I agree with it on this. **

As I have mentioned this a few times now – I study design at high school, and I am in my final year. I am not in a design class as I had a timetable clash. Because of my dedication and last years results the Art department has let me teach myself design this year. I have a weekly meeting with the design teacher and she gives me feed back. Last week I had my meeting with her and showed her the typography I had been working on all week. She told me she didn’t think it worked. Which was annoying – I hadn’t completely resolved the idea and I think it had more potential. Anyway I took her advice and redeveloped the work, today I had my weekly meeting with her and again she didn’t think ‘it worked’. This was really frustrating, she couldn’t pin point what wasn’t quite right about it, which makes it even harder. I understand she wants me to do the best I possibly can, but at the moment I just feel really inadequate and think that perhaps design isn’t for me? ANNNNND, just to make it 1000000x worse, she said at our most recent meeting she likes the ones she didn’t like last week now that I have resolved it a bit more. I honestly can’t win!

I like my designs, but I am open to criticism so really do feel free to leave advice or our opinion below, it would be so helpful!

For reference the typography is for a company that develops photos and is also a gallery. I am rebranding them so their look is more focused the artistic side of photography rather than the technical side.


  1. tbh i dont know alot about typography or that kind of design... but i like the third one :) x

  2. I don't know a lot about typography but the last one is awesome and it's such a cool concept. I feel your pain with your teacher, I had an art teacher last term who would say he thought the work received a bad grade but he couldn't explain what was wrong with it. It's just so hard to be taught these kind of artsy things because it's every mind works so differently. Good luck, I hope it all goes okay!

  3. I don't know anything about typography but the one that appeals to me the most is the 3rd one :) they're all really good designs!

  4. I think they all look really good, especially the last one! Perhaps try another colour as the background the lettering is against instead of grey, maybe a darker grey? Either way I still think your designs are really good and they must have taken you ages! :) xxx

  5. Grrr - design teachers can be the worst! I say stay true to your own artistic view of what works, while listening and tailoring your work to what your teacher says it lacks. After all - you still want it to be your vision, but still pass! I think your designs look almost art-deco - maybe explore that, the geometric designs teamed with art nouveau styles in particular :) Good luck!


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