Monday, 29 April 2013


Hamish and dad playing rugby
I’m not sure how ‘cool’ it is to admit, but I really enjoyed the family day out I partook in last Saturday. I know teens are supposed to hate their parents and dread being seen in public with them but I actually had a really nice time. We started off the day in the Aro valley, which is near the center of town. Its quite ‘hip’ and a lot of students live there. I managed to pick up a dress from the opshop and my mum and I also found this really beautiful jewelry shop – in case you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for rings so I was in heaven. I am thinking of going back and having a ring made for my 18th birthday / leaving school.

Next we went to Island bay where I bought Oyster magazine from a really beautiful old school book and magazine store. An old Chinese man served me ( he was so lovely!!) Usually I purchase magazines from chain store book shops but its so much nicer and almost more satisfying buying form a locally owned and family run store.  For lunch I had one of the best/worse things ever – a cheese and bacon toasted croissant. Tastes amazing, but its best not to think about what your actually eating ( 10 years worth of fat – not that I care, it tastes too good) to end the day we went to the beach and sat in the sun.  

I haven’t worn this dress in so long and I forgot how much I love it! The fact its so silky means it has a very swishy quality and wearing it is actually really comfy and almost fun. This outfit also highlights my most recent obsession – collars. A cute pattern collar peeping over anything, a dress, t-shirt, jersey and I am automatically in love. I think what I really like about it is how it adds a bit more interest to an outfit – with out the collar this becomes quite a basic plain two colour outfit and that’s not really me. I am also wearing a pile of rings as usual and my trusty boots.

Outfit – shirt, bag, dress, cardigan : Opshop / thrifted
             Shoes : ASOS
             Socks : The Warehouse
 Rings: vintage, cuba st, somewhere in india, a junk shop. 


  1. OH that outfit is so nice! I love the little collar pocking out of the dress so good.
    AHHHH I just want to visit New Zealand now :( can't wait to come and see it

  2. NZ seems a magical place, I'd really like to visit it one day. And it's so cute that you like to spend time with your family, not shame in this.
    Have a lovely week ^^

  3. these photos are so gorgeous! sounds like such a cute day out, i wish my family gatherings were as nice as yours seem; mine always seem to end with fighting haha. love your outfit too! x


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