Tuesday, 30 April 2013


New shoes !!

A painting for my design internal

The view from my bedroom

Tattoo idea

I think it’s possibly the biggest understatement of the year so far to say I am addicted to intsagram. Before the trend of intsagram even came around I was already in to photography (and yes I do realize that having a intsagram does not make you a photographer) I am constantly snapping photos and uploading them so if you do enjoy my blog then also following me on intsagram is a step in the right direction as you will pretty much be living my life In photo form along side me (I’m not actually that bad, I can go a whole day with out intsagram so there is no need for an intervention yet.) I normally post pictures of paintings I have done, my cats (that’s a given), recent purchases, NZ scenery – if that sounds like something you might like to see more of click here

I am gong to be honest and put it out there – I have no idea what on earth all this talk about a bloglovin / google follower switch is about – does any one?? (If so comment an explanation please) Anyway, if you’re a regular reader it would be amazing if you could also follow me on bloglovin so you don’t miss out on any posts if this swap does go through. Click here to follow.

Hope your all well, Anna xx


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