Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Top, Cardigan, skirt, bag and rings - from assorted opshops, nothing cost above $6.00.
Boots - ASOS : $48.00
Socks - The warehouse : $3.00

The name of this post refers to two things – One, I FINALLY figured out how to center my blog header/title. All you fancy people who can actually use a HTML code are probably laughing, but this has irritated me since I started my blog. No matter what I tried, get the title to be in the center until now, when I actually found a tutorial that made sense!

And secondly I actually started AND completed a DIY all in the same day! Such a huge achievement I know! But seriously, the amount of midi/maxi skirts I have bough and gone ‘ Oh wow this would be amazing if it was just a little bit shorter. It’s at this point I decide I will do a DIY and hem the skirt. But I never got around to doing any of them. Until this past weekend - I hand sewed the entire hem of this skirt, and for a first effort its not too bad. Now after only six months I actually get to wear it!

Hope your all-well x


  1. lovely outfit! :D

    and yes, it´s amazing when you finally find out how to change a HTML code and it actually works! :D ♥

  2. The skirt looks really good! Congratulations all around. :D
    I always love your outfits too. :D

  3. Omg I've struggled with getting my header in the middle for ages too! In love with your bag :) x

  4. such a lovely outfit! I really struggle with the whole HTML code thing too, I get ya x


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