Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Awake for 30 hours

Long time no see! I think its fair to say that things got a bit crazy there for a while. For those of you who don’t know I am in my final year of school, I take nearly 100% art visual art based subjects that are assed throughout the year – I will have one end of year exam for art history. While this does sound pretty good it means I have a MOUNTAIN of work through the year. I am the only girl at school doing this much portfolio work – there was another girl as well but she dropped design to focus on her other work. Anyway it got to the point where I was having 7 day weeks at school and the night before it was all due I had to pull an all nighter – that’s the first time ever. It was awful. I am usually pretty good at time management but with 3 assessments due in at the same time on the same day I couldn’t handle it.

I am now starting to look human again, as well as function normally so normal blogging will resume in the next few days.

(photos above are of some of the design work I submitted)

Anna xx


  1. Arty subjects are SO stressful! But worth it... your work is amazing! x

  2. 30 hrs... well done, painful but these look AMAZING! i do visual art (sadly the only art/design subject at my school) and it's quiet full on so i can only imagine how much you have to do! x


  3. These are amazing! :)
    I had to do lots of all nighters for my hand in too, not fun!

  4. oh wow you are amazing! the designs here are so incredible xx

  5. beautiful pictures!!!


    I wait for you in my facebook page:


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