Sunday, 12 May 2013


I can’t believe it, after over a year of blogging I have never done a beauty products haul. This is partly because I am no make up expert and I never seem to that many beauty item this is mainly because over here in New Zealand we are charged up to three times as much for make-up, so I pretty much just buy what I need. But now that I have a regular source of income I feel I can splurge a little more.

At the moment my hair is feeling a little dry and damaged so I have decided to mix up my hair care routine (start one...) and try out some new conditioners. I am also looking in to getting some hair masks and oils - recommendations woud be great! 

This is pretty much your standard no frills face wash, but I really like, it especially the fact that the 'exfoliation particles' are so fine, it seems to work better than other scrubs I have used. The Swisspers night cream I picked up on a complete whim, but I do suffer from dry skin that becomes worse in the colder drier months so hopefully this helps.

I have been wanting to try out a BB cream for a while and a friend recommend me this the other day so when I saw it had 25% off I grabbed it. I also decided to pick up a concealer from Maybelline and try it out too.

And finally I was suckered by a three for $14.00 deal on Revlon nail polishes. The Top Speed polish is a re-purchase in the shade cloud, I love this colour its really lovely year round. The taupe colour polish is called mischievous, I have been looking for a colour like this for the longest time, a mix between grey,brown and lilac - sounds awful but looks amazing. The final polish is called minted, I never jumped on the mint nail polish band wagon, but I figure better late than never.  I really like that this is a really green mint rather than blue. I cant wait to paint my nails now!!

Hope your all well, Anna.


  1. Love the nail polishes! Esp. Cloud and Minted. Never knew Revlon has such colors! I must check the nearest counter asap! :D

  2. great haul! I use Garnier´s BB cream but I really want to try Maybelline´s too! :D

  3. I've nominated you for the versatile award. If you don't want do it don't worry, I'll understand, but if you want you can find the rules on my blog.

    Have a wonderful week ^^

  4. Great haul! I love the bb cream



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