Tuesday, 7 May 2013

FOREWARNING + inspiration

The holidays are over and I am back at school. I spent the past two weeks in denial, the typical ‘I have plenty of time left, why rush to do homework? I deserve I break’ Now the two weeks is up, I haven’t even touched my photography book the whole time and now I have three massive deadlines, weeks away, a set to paint for stage challenge and a career path to pick. So, naturally instead of actually doing the work, I have resorted to manic planning and searching for ‘inspiration’. Because everyone knows you cant do 3 art projects without that. That’s right, I tried to dig out the diary I bought at the start of the year and never used..

This is a bit of a forewarning, for the next couple of weeks I might only be able to post every second day, which really sucks. But believe me, I would much rather be doing this than stressing over photography and design projects..  

Hope your all well, Anna 

1 comment:

  1. Everyone need a break sometimes, and everyone have things to do, don't worry! Great insipiration post, by the way. ^^


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