Friday, 10 May 2013

Pretending I am a real photographer.

Today was crazy, I decided last minute that I would have a do a photo shoot this morning, which basically meant with in ten minutes before I had to leave the house, I was finding all the subject matter I needed, chucking it all in a bag to take to the lighting studio. This doesn’t sound too bad but when you take in to account I am carrying a over night bag dill with camera stuff, a school bag, a camera, a laptop, and two A3 art folders it suddenly becomes quite a lot. Plus its all deceptively heavy. You have no idea how many strange looks I got walking around school today – I probably looked homeless, carrying all my worldly possessions around.

Like I said this shoot was really last minute and hardly planned (as in doing composition sketches and developing ideas etc.. ) So its probably not what you would class as ‘good’ photography but I really enjoy the spontaneity of not planning and seeing where ideas take me and coming up with what my teacher likes to refer to as ‘happy mistakes’ Personally that’s when I get the best images, when I just go with the flow and experiment.

I would love to know what you guys think of these images and any ideas you have.
Hope your all well, Anna xx


  1. I like very much the 1st and the number 5. I love that you used old (family I suppose) photos. They are always... I don't know how to explain. Magical, I think we can say. Anyway, I suggest you to go on, to go deeper with this idea.
    Have a lovely weekend.


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