Thursday, 2 May 2013

WORTH A READ : Oyster Magazine

Oyster magazine is something that I have picked up and looked through a few times but its always seemed a bit too … intellectual? To me it always came across as a high fashion magazine, where all the articles were written in hard core fashion lingo about clothes that I could never dream of affording or would want to.  All the fashion shoots looked very high class yet impractical, the kind of outfits that look beautiful but on one could actually ever wear – you know the kind of magazine I’m talking about.
But I take all that back – well almost all of it, the clothes are still quite impractical. This issue had a shoot/interview with the singer Grimes (her song oblivion is amazing) as well as several photography articles that were really beautiful. And if that wasn’t enough there was a feature on New Zealand. Its kind of an on going joke that New Zealanders get super excited if we are mentioned somewhere overseas or a celebrity visits here. Its almost like we are so far away from the rest of the world we all get over excited that someone/where remembered us.

What really sold this magazine to me though was the fact there was a second feature in the back. I’m not sure if any of you will remember but when you were little and Barbie magazine would have a special feature – a second cover on the back, well I revisited that childhood memory as that’s what this magazine was featuring. The back part of this magazine was an assignment called ‘silence’ and it was a compilation of artists, photographers and writers trying to describe silence. The photography in this part of the magazine was really beautiful and pretty much one of the main reasons I bought this, but unfortunately the whole magazine was so beautiful that I will probably have to keep buying it regularly. 


  1. oooh i love oyster! have you read russh or yen? they are rad too, kinda similar x

  2. Ooooo I've never seen this magazine before but I'm definitely going to try and find a copy now after reading your post!

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