Monday, 3 June 2013


Blogging and vlogging go hand in hand. If you are a blogger, it’s pretty likely you watch YouTube too. The ‘beauty community’ on YouTube is widely acknowledged and avidly followed by many and lately it has expanded in to the realm of daily vlogs. I personally wasn’t really that interested in this. Friends of mine really enjoyed daily vlogs but I just couldn’t get in to them? Admittedly I didn’t look very hard to find vlogs I might enjoy, in the end I just decided not to bother. That’s until I came across Anna-lee and Jesse.

Anna-lee is a hair stylist and Jesse is a photographer, they are married and live/work in LA. They are also the proud owners of two adorable dogs – Mookie and Cooper. Even if you’re not a daily vlog fan, you should watch Anna and Jesse purely for the dogs – they are too cute.

What I found different about this vlog compared to others is that Anna and Jesse actually lead interesting live I find interesting. I love having a sneak peek on photo shoots and seeing how a professional photographer works , this is mainly because photography is something I might want to go into as a profession. Plus its really interesting seeing LA form a their perspective, following them around to market, bars and events that unless you actually live in LA you would never get to experience. But the highlight of the vlogs is the relationship between Anna and Jesse, they are super modest and there are no PDA’s on the vlog but they are just so sweet together! You can tell they really enjoy their jobs and that they are really in to vlogging. So much so that on the few times I have left a comment on their youtube I have received a reply and you cant say that for most bloggers/vloggers.

I am now a converted vlog appreciator, if you watch/start watch to Anna and Jesse let me know!  Link to their YouTube channel here


Anna at home in their Loft.

Anna at work (the salon)


Jen from clothesencounters

Anna dyed Jens hair 

Their loft

Claire wearing a wig Anna was working on for Wild Fox

Mookie <3


  1. Ahh they are my favourite daily vloggers, discovered them a month ago and I fell in love. It's true what you said makes them interesting, having 2 of them instead of 1 I think gives them an edge over others.

  2. I love these vlogs too! x


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