My name is Anna; I am 17 and a student. I live in New Zealand, a tiny Island in the pacific that has a lot of sheep and an amazing rugby team. 

I started up this blog not too long ago as I decided to claim my little spot on the internet. My posts are generally about op-shopping and the things I buy, however I am one of those super annoying people who can't stick to a plan so there is also a bit of photography and art creeping on here, as well as other things. 

Just a super quick mention on comments: Receiving comments and follower on my blog is always really lovely! It truly does brighten my day. I always check out the blogs of people kind enough to take the time to comment. There is no need to say FOLLOW BACK or FOLLOW EACH OTHER? If i like your blog of course I will follow! Surely its nicer to have followers who actually want to follow you, rather than people following to use you for followers in return? Well that's my thoughts on it anyway :)

Thanks again, Anna 
Contact me at : skinnyhiggins96@gmail.com

Credit to Melissa Manful for the background.

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